Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Comfort Food

While sitting at a restaurant in Vigan yesterday, next to us was a group of all balikbayans. Looks like maybe classmates from the US who attended a school reunion and made a sidetrip to Ilocos region. Talk about my own scriptwriting and storytelling here wehehehehe

Anyway, they all ordered Max' Fried Chicken. Yes you may ask....why were we at Max' hahhahah. We needed to have a quick meal. That was next door to our hotel, and Leona's does have good food, BUT you will have to be patient when it comes to service.

Back to comfort food. That is a good business idea. Cook your Sunshines into different viands. For adobo, you may even research on the regional varieties. The taste of native chicken that Sunshine Chicken has, will give the your viands the basic home cooked, comfort food that the relatives from afar always whine about.

The balikbayans not just eat here the food they miss. They buy tons to take home to stock in their huge freezers and they love to give them to friends and relatives as pasalubong.

Pack them well, spill proof and smell proof. Last time Doc Rey's siblings from the US were here, they appreciated the vacuum packed goodies they brought home with them.

I hope to bring you more business ideas. Read and select the ones that may apply to you. Remember, you have to love what you are doing. It is the passion that will sustain you through the rough times.

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