Monday, February 16, 2009

Fiesta Time

Yes, we do eat everyday. They say that Filipinos are such big chicken eaters.

That means we may be serving chicken everyday. If I were to base from our sales of chicks and dressed chickens, the people around have learned to eat good and healthy chickens...Sunshines in particular!

We have doubled our production...and we expect the number to increase yet in the next few weeks as our Certified Parent Stocks have performed better than expected in terms of production, hatchability and time frames.

Do we have problems with disposing? Nope. Early and sustainable marketing built the consumer consciousness.

There will be seasons and time when the demand will go up further.... You think it was just Christmas time? There are graduations, fiestas etc...and TODAY will be the perfect time to load. In time to harvest in April and May.

Plan your loading so you maximize harvests, time, effort and profit.

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