Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ilocos Super Chicken

I was burried in paperwork when I decided to text Rene, one of our growers in Gen San. Then his text drifted to his watching Gov Savellano's project Ilocos Super Chicken on TV. "Hey, that's my chicks"..he said he knew, of course.

Ran to the TV and of course I saw the interview. Good one. Thank you to Ilocos Sur for promoting SASSO. No one else can claim now, that they are selling F1 from Certified Parent Stocks imported from SASSO of France. We can.

Again, SASSO is not a breed. It is a company in France that maintains and develops different strains of colored chickens, meant for free ranging.

We, Solraya Enterprises, import from SASSO of France. We branded our F1 production as Sunshine Chicken :)

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