Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lemon Meringue Torte

Last night I remembered that I had to see Heny Sison for product development.

To share and for them to taste, I prepared two sets of Coco Milk and our organic salted duck eggs. One set for my mother and another set for me to share with the cooking group. That is how much I am confident about Organika's products. It is meant for my mother and a discriminate eating group. Anyway, it didn't get to the eating group as my mother liked it so much, she asked that whatever I had in the car be left with her :)

Off to get Mitos, part of my PR team..then we headed to Heny Sison's office. Such a jumpy place for a late morning meeting. Classrooms were full. Her office had several meetings going on, she was also on the phone. By the time she waved us in, she sort of had the cove already, ready for chika chika.

I was there for the product development for the marketing of harvest from Ilocos Sur. Initial samples were sent to Gov DV and he texted me this morning saying "masarap". Heny said she had to pinch in the area of the tail, as she can't resist to make a final taste, before it was sent to Gov DV.

Other chicken recipes had been discussed and they will do kitchen testings.

Meantime, thank God, Heny asked that we be served coffee and Lemon Meringue Torte. I spied on that cake as we were going up the stairs, passing by the chillers..seeing what was in the offering wehehhehe

It was a good coincidence that the working team for the coffeetable book on Ilocos Sur was there. Food styling was the initial discussion. Then the month long event at Intercon of Ilocos Sur in May. Chef Nick from Candon was there too.

Tagal ng cake and coffee.....Heny said they had all sorts of coffee available because she had a barista class going on...ok...so we wait more :)

Chika galore, as schedules are forced to be moved as an impromtu trip is being planned. Also a trip to Ilocos Sur with Mitos while Heny and I are there!

Finally the cake and coffee came. This is what I love about meeting with Chefs and foodies. The servings are substantial. You can taste every morsel. The icing and creams are there to compliment flavors and not just to act as washy color. I ate my Lemon Meringue Torte fast and stole some of Mitos', on the pretense that she was just letting it sit. Too late, I gulped it fast...she was saving the best for last, she said.

Hmmmmm, I know Gilbert Lee wanted to discuss somethings w/ Mitos....I hope to get called on to help them taste.

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