Sunday, October 04, 2009

For Sure There Is Sunshine

Very thankful that our shipment of Certified Parent Stocks from SASSO of France came the day before, September 25. Day before Ondoy's wrath. Had we had been scheduled for the 26th flight, maybe flight had been cancelled by then. If the flight got through, maybe by the time we were able to clear Customs at 11am, the traffic and floodwater had deemed the roads closed?

This importation had been delayed already as there were clearances from France that had to be met and we had to reschedule hatching dates.

Now look at our new babies:

We have brought in two new strains, aside from our original redbrown, our naked necks. Now, we have a tricolored bird and the golden brown egg layers.

We will have them debut in six (6) months :)

One thing is sure, there will always be Sunshine.