Thursday, October 08, 2009

We've Had This For A Long Time Now

Since July 2008, we have the blacks, striped pharaoh looking, the dark red brown and the mocha colors. Look at the picture then (notice those were still our old chick boxes):

And the ready for slaughters now, as being displayed at Agrilink 2009: The blacks, Pharaoh/Cleopatra looking, dark brown reds, mochas and the Naked Necks.
It is not a new line nor strain for us.

What we have coming...I say coming soon in March 2010, because the Certified Parent Stocks are here already and not coming at an undetermined date :) So what is to expect? The Starshine Golden Egg Layers and another strain of broilers that will add color to your wonderfully green farm.


  1. hi. my brother attented your agrilink seminar, he was determined to start something based to what he know now.unfortunately we live in iligan city.he built the shade"tangkal" ready for the question now is how is transport cost for delivery could compensated? as you have no outlet in our area?
    thanks,concern sister

  2. @Delta, We can send by air, to the airport nearest him, PHP4550 for 100 chicks. Thanks for your concern :)