Thursday, October 08, 2009

Great Decision

For several years, we'd have an outdoor and an indoor booths for Agrilink. Same people you see...but you give a different look and marketing in both end up different marketing skills are employed.

Taxing and manpower intensive for the outdoor booth. I do so many shows, that by last year, I was able to man the indoor booth alone, being experienced on the How Tos. This year, manpower shortage and camaraderie urged me to join our outdoor set up.

The amount I saved for the indoor was used to furnish our mobile office. Very worth it, as I am resting inside my mobile office, typing this...while I can still keep an eye on the booth outside.

The outdoor booth was effective because we have ranging adults, day old chicks and dressed chickens all in one booth. It was easy to explain and show off.

Logistics for selling was much easier, as stocks were in our vans just beside the booth.

The bad weather was not a deterrent to have Sunshine :)


  1. Hi! May we purchase dressed chicken from your booth at the WTC? Would you have eggs, too? I've been really meaning to try your products but your store is quite far from where I live. Thanks! - Diane

  2. @dyaneh, yes we have dressed chickens available. Where do you stay? We deliver :) Thank you

  3. Do you deliver in Malate? What's the minimum amount of purchase? I think I'll also drop by your booth later. Thanks. -Diane

  4. @dyaneh, Yes we do Malate. Were you able to get yesterday? Thank you