Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Do You Step Back Or Move Forward?

Well, stepping back doesn't necessarily mean negative, but I see it as cutting back to gain other things. More like repositioning and refocusing.

Why am I in these thoughts now? We have been so busy and multitasking brains and time is taking its toll on productivity. So do we step back and cut back on work and relax? We should? But that will mean a break on the momentum we built :)

Of course we have to move forward and tackle the problem of time and energy, looking at it from within and outside. Now, we got a mobile office, allowing us to daydream even when on the long road trips. This will let us have productive meetings and mini seminars even under the tree. We are now equipped and ready!

So excited to break it in after Agrilink 2009 and be back for the FAME show....in a more relaxed state.

I act fast. Saw it on a Saturday, showed it to Doc Rey Sunday, and wrapped up papers Monday. That is the ease of single decisions...no corporate world to go around to.

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