Saturday, October 17, 2009


What do I look forward to when I do Citem shows?

1) Productive contacts. Less talking here, but a lot of work later. Other shows are non stop talking and detailing, but you end up not really moving forward in terms of marketing.

2) Great shopping. Eewwwww, I had to go back to my seat and surf to stop myself! But I have to go back for at least ONE of Dita Sandico-Ong's Banana Wraps...even just ONE! I normally get what I want in "all colors please". A lot of interesting products. This is FAME, so it was all industries. I am enamored since October 15 by a Cebuano painter, Jun Impas, whose works I have just seen. I have been tempted to get his brook scene....but I have priorities at the moment of my moving business I have convinced myself to first see my landscaping and interiors before I get new furniture stuff.

So I went back to my booth and took...

3) Time to surf....because you are not constantly on your toes talking. I was instantly gifted (for tempering my buying spree)....see what I saw! Doc Rey will be gratified for his hard work and patience to learn his Power Point. Doc Rey's seminar from an attendee's point of view.

I'm glad I was led to Danny's blog. He writes well and entertains me. I remember the waterful day of September 26. He texted me that day1, typhoon came and rats or was it cats played with some of his chicks.

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