Wednesday, October 07, 2009

AANI ng Sunshine Chicken at Teresa Orchard

Double meaning...yes. But either way, you get the image and feeling of collaboration :)

We were at ingress early this morning for our outdoor booths at Agrilink 2009. On my right is Teresa Orchard of Zac Sarian and on my left is the retail of AANI (Agri Aqua Network International).

Pol Rubia has set up our tents and we peeped early to see how simple and doable we can show housing for our Sunshines. We go back later this afternoon to just hang nets, and kubo housing.

We are next to fantastic structures, but we planned it this way....we use the difference to accent our advantages :)

Our friend supplier of SM Supermarkets was complaining today that not all SM outlets are able to move his goods. I said "think of it the other are creating a certain market and you are sticking to it...SM may ride on it". O diba?

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