Friday, October 16, 2009

Moving Few Steps

We are making a major move of all our operations, centralizing it in the Araneta Center. Offices, dressed Sunshines' meat shop, Organika, pick up of our dayold chicks... we will incorporate with other farm suppliers.

Excited to do this as we will be in the middle of everything and everywhere. Logistics and accessibility to clients who drive or commute. Landscaping is planned. Green architecture is being employed!

We've had the Fairview address from the start and we will not let go of the landmark. Manpower shortage is forcing us to close down the store facing Quirino Highway...BUT, we are moving the inquiries and pick up at Organika, our meat shop facing Regalado Ave (fronting the Regalado gate of SM Fairview). People are used to this place for the dressed Sunshines and this is where we hold our monthly seminars on Raising Sunshine Chicken. Actually it is far more comfortable for the clients making inquiries. It is airconditioned and has parking.

For prosperity, we will not let go of this address :)

There are talks with new lessees for the property. We took the clue and opportunity to make the move to a centralized location. It will all be for the better!

Making the mini few steps move, before we make the major one.

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