Thursday, October 08, 2009

Healthy Ice Cream

Gerry and Zac got lost from my view for some minutes. Next thing I knew, they were raving about the ice cream they had at Rene Almeda's Alaminos Goat Farm booth. I know Rene was having a taste test of the sausages BAI developed for his goat...but ice cream? There was not mention of that.

Oh I love ice cream. But then, will the one from goat's milk taste good? How was it compared to dirty ice cream...they said BETTER! Hmmmmm....what flavors...Ube and Cheese. If these two men say it was sure it was. I made a mental note to try it later.

A few minutes later....Rene was walking towards us and brought two (2) cups of Ube and Cheese ice cream. He must have remembered my sweet tooth. Seeing how tiny the cups were for my teeth...Doc Rey gave his cup to me.

YUMMY...promise! I walked over to congratulate the Almedas. Still not available commercialy. They commissioned someone to make it for them for serving during Agrilink :)

Selling at PHP40 per small was so worth it. Creamy, and real pure ingredients. You can taste the freshness.

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