Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Free Consults

Mr Zac Sarian called to tell me that he is writing about "Free Consultations" from Doc Rey on free range chickens during Agrilink 2009.

I was thankful for his writing about Sunshines, but after the conversation I thought....we've always had free constultations, it wasn't like it will be only for Agrilink :)

But I learned something there...maybe its not common knowledge?

Yes, consulting Doc Rey on free range chicken raising is FREE. I think it is ok to say that he doesn't charge PF, because he is also open to being asked as Vet ng Bayan over DWWW's Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura.

Our seminars are also almost always FREE. Fairview's 4th Sundays seminars are PHP450, but that has 10 chicks and a CD. In provincial seminars, we charge a minimal fee to cover venue. Overall and more often, no charge, FREE :)

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