Monday, October 12, 2009


I go where the universe takes me. I always say that and when in doubt, when my initial vibes don't work, I throw the decision up and let the universe take it :)

That was how I got to the name Starshine for our layers. No intention whatsoever to name it at this stage. Just before I first blogged about Starshine...Zac Sarian mentioned "moonshine" in relation to something that skips my mind now.

Next thing I knew, I was blogging about our golden egg layers and voila...I typed the name Starshine. Very me...even the spur of the moment name went with the universe :)

So that's it. Our line of grass fed layers...Starshine.

I like the name. Catchy, cousin to Sunshine, nicknamed Star...and it shines!


  1. Hello Maam,

    I am interested with the Starshine chicks. How much does it cost if i purchase a hundred? I have to pick it up in Dipolog Airport. Thanks

  2. I already have a lot of sunshine chicks here where i bought it at P48 per head at pacifica agrivet here in our place. I thought maybe I could pay less if I will by hundred.

    I love to watch them as they roam around. I also have Kabbir chicks of their age. They make my surrounding colorful and its so stress relieving seeing them.

    Does the caring procedure of Starshines same as with that of sunshine chicks?

    Thank you very much for sharing your idea with this matter.

    God bless you!

  3. @ Archville, we will have the Starshines available by March 2010. The Parent Stocks are here already and will be producing the F1 layers in March.

    Yes, the care will be the same. Brooding is most important stage. Yes, we can send directly to you.

  4. hello po,

    I want to avail your first batch of starshines (day old chick) coming up by march.Is it possible to make reservations say 100pcs initially.And do you accept bank to bank payments. I reside in Basco,Batanes extreme north of luzon and the most accessible means of transportation is via domestic airport thru SEA AIR and SKY PASADA,does your biz services still reach my place.thank you.

  5. @ samurong, more like April for the 1st batch of Starshines. If there are no planes that accept live animals for Batanes, we can work out something. Yes we accept bank payments. Email me at for details. Salamat

    I was just reading about this boutique hotel in Batanes, just before I got the email re: your post.

  6. Gud day!...sir I am interested to avail your F1 Starshine layer. I will pick it up in Santiago City...I'm planning to avail 100 chicks and please tell me how much it cost to buy hundreds? Tanx....

  7. how much would be the starshine be sold? magpapadala rin po ba kayu dito sa mga distributor nyu sa bacolod?

  8. @ hughal, I have no definite pricing yet for Starshine. And yes, we will send to our dealers too.