Tuesday, February 19, 2008

EDSA Garden House, Cooking Demo

People who really know me will ask what I will do in a cooking demo. So do I.

When EDSA Garden House asked me to do a demo using herbs, I knew exactly that I will ask one of my PR people to do it for me.

All was set, Mitos was to do it but she had to run to the mall first for some errands.

I was around the venue at 10ish. Picked herbs by smelling around :). Had freshly slaughtered Sunshines. Chop chop chop. Rub rub rub. Preparing things.

Took a picture of my feet in my cute sneakers, to take away the tension wehehehhe.

1pm, no Mitos yet. Well, still a good 1hr away. By 1:45 Doc Rey was frantic and anxious. "Where was the demo person"? I said, "So be it, I can and will do it". He said snappily "Hind ka naman marunong magluto, mapapahiya tayo"!

I stood up at 2pm and started it by:
I don't know how to cook and wasn't scheduled to do this, but how can I go wrong w/ great tasting Sunshines and herbs.....
Meantime that I set the Tanglad Tinola on the stove and the turbo for my Herbed Sunshine Roasts atop Potato Marbles, Doc Rey regaled the participants with the story of the sad chickens and now the Sunshines as poor man's chickens.

Mitos came in 45mins late, surprised to see the progress of my Tinola and Turbo Roasted Sunshines.... and declared it was soon to be served.

You should see the sigh of relief on Doc Rey's face as people were eating my cooking! They were asking for seconds....even the potatoes went fast.

I was busy serving and answering questions.....should have had pics of my cooking :)


  1. Yeah, you should have taken pictures of you cooking as proof! Hehehe Hope to be there one of these days.


  2. Yes Gay, you will be there one of those days to share your cooking :)

    I hope to see you soon, after meeting in cyberspace because of food wehehhehe

  3. http://gotsea583.blogspot.com/2008/02/cooking-free-range-chicken.html

    Gay, I got proof na!