Friday, March 07, 2008

Sweet Tuba

Been wanting to blog about Sweet Tuba before. When I was dying to have one, I called Coconut Authority to find a source. The person who answered me didn't know what it was ... "was it for export?" she asked me :)

..good MM did (see link below).

Have you had sweet tuba before? You should! Very refreshing, perfect thirst quencher and I will say that it is healthy, basing from the natural high and laxative effect on me :) Like taking Lipovitan and fiber.

Years ago as a child, I remember having this fresh from the coconut trees, when we visit Liliw, Laguna. As a child you normally don't appreciate the simple good things. Some 8yrs ago, I was reintroduced to this in Pangasinan. This time, the sweet tuba tasted differently to me. Was it because the source in Pangasinan are from Anahan looking palm trees?

You buy it early morning, drink it along the roadside. You can't miss the stalls with carton signages for SWEET TUBA. They had family sized soda bottles, so you can see the light rose heavenly liquid. I say this one is far the best tuba.

Very recently, I saw some at OPTA Cooperative in the Katipunan area, sourced from Sorsogon. Then I also asked Pol Rubia of AANI to get me some since he has a farm in Candelaria, Quezon.

The one I get from OPTA is really sweet....too sweet infact for my tuba taste. The one from Pol is more on the sourish state....

Then I came across MM's post...and YIKES, the fresh sour tuba might be from none recently cleaned PVC containers.

I will see that image when I drink...but it won't stop me from having my bottles of tuba.

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