Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey Gay, I Got Proof

Remember my post on Edsa Garden House Cooking Demo?

Gay Carillo was teasing me that I should have proof. Well, if you are the photog, the planner, the director and the only take photos of yourself when trying out the camera :)

Yesterday afternoon, while I was backing up my data for the day, while waiting for the blink blink of my flash drive to subside....I played and searched my name on the internet.

wehhehheheh, guess what...I found proof of that cooking demo.

See Abby Lim's post on Cooking Free Range Chicken

GAY...calling GAY!!!! Aside from the pic...Abby said it was delicious.

Thank you Abby....Looking back to that afternoon, vibes leads me to think that you were the one seated at the back, quietly, alone?

Your post made my day....tsup tsup tsup.

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