Saturday, March 08, 2008

Paul Sees Sunshines For The First Time

Dear Miss Sandy,

What a delightful day we had with the Sunshines! We go them around 8:30 am and
proceeded to take them to their new home. After they were introduced to their
living habitat, my wife and I shopped for good feeds, vitamins and other things like
waterers and feeders. We have decided to acquire at least 10 feeders and several
waterers so that we can alternate them thereby minimizing bacteria growth.

From the pictures, you will see the progression of the habitat. As soon as they
were taken out of the box, the little sunshines leaped happily and ran as if it was
their first time to do so. They looked sturdy and strong and judging from the
quality of their little feathers, you know they are healthy (nutrition starts in the
skin, right?) We noticed that they are usually loud when they are in need of
something like food or water. Basing on the feeds given today, they have quite
voracious appetites and have been seen drinking a lot of water. Since, we do not
have tubig poso, we opted for purified drinking water instead, mingled with a little
powdered Moringa which we are hoping would eliminated any toxins in the water.

Their water was given multivitamins and their feeds was also given vitamins so as to
balance the stress that they had due to long travel. We could not stop staring at
them and since the trip from the agrivet store where they had in cages those F1s for
sale, we have concluded that the Sunshines are way up the scale in terms of health
and beauty (naks..)

We have provided windbreakers to their cages and enough lighting. It was funny to
see that before the bulb was there, some of the chicks slept inside the feeders!
They are still under monitor for the temperature changes to occur tonight and at

Here are the pictures. I've CCd this email to my father in law, who used to be a
poultry grower, he will find this very interesting..


Susme parang aatakehin ako kay Paul. Am sure we can all learn from this:

1) Feeds weren't ready

2) 5 feeders aren't enough if you will rotate 2 sets of 5 each

3) Surely you get hungry and dehydrated after travelling :), we advise give water first before feeds

4) chicks found in stores can't compare to chicks taken cared of
by a grower. we are no exception...its like a petshop :(

5) I noticed there was a concrete wall...good thing it was the wall behind the broode and not part of the brooder. Hard to clean.

6) Tarps as flooring? The material won't absorb moisture and sure will be an easy breeding ground for bacteria :(

7) Chicks love to sleep in feeders? Nope. They felt cold and wanted the body heat of one another, plus the feeds felt warm and cozy compared to the stark white tarp.

8) position the feeders and waterers in the middle. Having it on the sides wastes that space that is usable as you only have accessible the ones reachable to the Sunshines.

9) Brooder seems very small. Good for a few days, but as they get bigger, they will want more space. If they are crowded, they won't eat well, be irritable, peck, etc

Paul is a first timer :)

A medrep, he already advised me on hypertension drugs as we discussed his small mistakes.

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