Saturday, March 08, 2008

Inihaw Na Sunshine At AANI Herbal Garden And Livelihood Center

Remember the empty space beside the AANI office?

See how it looked today.

I got there this morning....I knew Gerry had done something good, basing from how my nose lead me to that spot (of course I knew what he was starting today, but I meant that "ang sarap ng amoy"). From where I was inside the AANI office, the folks seated at Cafe Amadeo were very visible. You can see happy faces. Looking at the plates infront of them, you could guess they had Inihaw na Sunshine!

Gerry offered me a piece of Inihaw. Declined...its business :) Bought three (3) pieces and I shared it with the AANI office staff and Raymond of Daily Dose Farm who was having a seminar on Vermicomposting in the next few minutes. Well, Raymond broke a piece into two. Held one on each hand, and alternately took a bite off the pieces. Parang ayaw ipahingi diba?

Observe how con gusto his seminar was, after the Inihaw...

Glad to see Bing (Bingbong of PCARRD forums)....she was there with her three (3) boys and dad. Lucky, still had some chicken for them.

To start off, I heard it will be a weekend and festival thing. Then add FTI, and hopefully move on.

The marinade, whatever it was, am sure was good. But also, the Sunshine itself was tasty.

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