Monday, March 24, 2008

Caponozing, Caponizing Sets, Sunshine Capons

Since the article about the capons came out, we had been getting calls about capon seminars, caponizing sets and the infamous Sunshine Capons of Joey Rigor.

Just for info:

1) We will be having a capon demonstration for AANI and some press people.
2) Soon after, capon demos will be offered at AANI. We will see how we can do the demos in other areas. Please coordinate with AANI.
3) The caponizing sets are arriving mid April, if schedule from supplier is met.
4) Sunshine Capons of Joey Rigor will be available in our booth at the Bonsai Show, Araneta Coliseum Parking Area, May3-11, and at IFEX Philippines, May16-19, SMX

I tell you this capon reached a level :)

What started as trial and error with Joey and Mitzi...small talks with Joey over the phone about what he had been out of the blue question of Zac Sarian about capon over national radio a day or two after I was talking to Joey...there I was, proudly stating that I do have a grower who does capons....and led to sure we won't hear the end of this yet.

Joey is so excited to show off his capons in May. Dapat daw mag ihaw ihaw...he says it emits a wonderful aroma.

Can't wait!

hmmmmmm there should be an info ad about this topic

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