Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Maawi Organic Farms Meets Zac Sarian

After Zac Sarian's interest in our Sunshines, capons and Zacsess stories :), we had been visiting our regular growers.

Farm visit #2 is Maawi Organic Farms in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

Very close to my heart, as Alaminos is where my roots started.

After the radio program and breakfast, March16...as Zac entered the vehicle, he asked in jest to make sure that there was an AM radio working. Why? Boxing! We didn't stop for meals, got to Lucap when the bout was on it's last two rounds, so we stayed inside the car :)

Good thing we knew who won....then we had lunch of assorted inihaw of seafoods and of course Alaminos longganisa. There was no arorosep. It would have been perfect.

Headed to Maawi Farms of Jocelyn and David. As usual, I documented the farm visit...taking photos of the picture takings and interviews.

The vegetables and fruits are grown organically, so are the Tilapias. We spent a lot of time under the shade of the trees and taking in fresh air.

Next stop was where the Sunshines are...before the sun sets :)

First batch of Maawi was in April2007, loading 1000 regularly. Since they were neophytes and not based in the Philippines when they started, they didn't have any market for their dressed chickens at that time.

I encouraged them to dress the males and keep the females. For one, the males were heavier and commanded a higher price. But the best reason was #2.....they will be the only ones who will have eggs from ranging Sunshines come October2007, perfect time for the Agrilink2007.

As we were talking last weekend, she saw the light to that difficult first steps in marketing and that yes, she is the only one now with eggs from ranging Sunshines, on commercial quantity. They are now thankful that her 2nd batch of layers have started to drop.

Now supplying several hotels, delis and restaurants with her organic fruits, vegetables, dressed chickens and of course eggs.

Watch out for farm visit #3

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