Monday, March 24, 2008

March Seminar

Yesterday was the Easter Sunday. Our scheduled seminars are every 4th Sunday of the month, and fell on Easter this year.

We were expecting two or three to attend....we got 9. A 10th found the venue way too late to join.

The best part about getting a small group at a time when you are supposed to be on vacation? You get an interested, serious and varied personas.

I myself was attentive during the seminar and forgot to take photos!

Days just flies by, like by units of breathes, when you are busy. Am now in Isabela, but will be there, there and further there in the next few days....whew...not yet counting the blocked off dates for the coming up trade shows.

We are excited about the Bonsai Show (we don't know exact name yet), May3-11, Araneta Coliseum parking area. This will incoporate agriculural, tourism, cultural themes and events. Of course, we are preparing for IFEX Philippines, May16-20, SMX beside Mall of Asia.

Exciting to work with dynamic teams.

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