Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Capon Capon Capon

If you follow Zac Sarian's columns in Manila Bulletin, Agriculture Magazine, Panorama and radio program Kaunlaran Sa Agrikultura...you will by now believe that he is excited about the capons.

We were together for the weekend and I made a comment that it was like the Pacquiao bout, he can talk about it endlessly....described it as:
The Kobe beef of poultry
I was on the phone w/ Joey Rigor tonight and he will have his Sunshine Capons available at our booth for IFEX2008.

Liveweight in about 90days is about 5kilos, dressed at about 3.5kilos. He is thinking about growing it to the standards of 7kilos.

We didn't get any of the 1st batch as it was reserved even before it was dressed.

Have you seen a caponed chicken? Small head, very huge round body, small wattle.

Next batch is available in mid May...perfect timing to show it during IFEX Philippines.

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