Saturday, March 29, 2008

DCS Trading, Rosales Pangasinan

This photo is the laugh of my day!

DCS Trading in Rosales, Pangasinan is a long standing dealer of ours.

On our way to Calasiao last Wednesday, I decided to take a photo of the store so I can post it here. Not a great one as the store was still closed before 7am, and I realized that the banner is too small when the dealer displays it up front. So I had no intentions of posting this photo until Danny calls me tonight.

He said "great cover for the Agricuture"...then he goes there is a story I have to know that will make me laugh. I butted in by saying I took a photo of the store...

That was the root of it all :)

I knew he has security cameras, but no big deal to me and I didn't think about it when taking pics. I saw several of his men go in and out as I was parked, but I just took pictures from the rolled down passenger window.

wehehehhehe They called LTO to verify. Of course my name came out as registered owner, but there was a typo so the name didn't register to him, plus of course he calls me by my nickname. They called NBI to tag the car and the name. Wow, good thing I used another car today lol.

Anyway, as he was reading the article in the Agriculture Magazine, our names were there and it dawned on him that it was me taking pictures, my car, no DCS stalker! Aside from the fact that he now saw the typo of the texted name to him, he realized that the plate was sort of personalized and he was able to equate datas.

That is the beauty of long relationships, there are many things you laugh about.

Joey Rigor who does the Sunshine Capons
gets his stocks from DCS Trading. We should have Danny around when we visit the farm of Joey in Victoria, Tarlac to feature the capons.

See if DCS has fresh stocks.

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