Friday, March 14, 2008

Corn & Soya

Amy & Allan...just like Corn & Soya....they simply go together :)

Amy & Allan wanted this first batch of Sunshines as an experiment, just walked in with excitement that started in another continent, from just reading about sustainable farming. No expectations...just to see how they will do w/ no commercial feeds at all.

Instead of commercial chick boosters for the 1st 3weeks, the Sunshines were just fed corn and soya. 21st day onwards, they were just given corn grits as supplement for am and pm. They were just let free to forage during the day.

Amy & Allan are not in for the weights contest, but they are just so happy that they are raising healthy and happy Sunshines w/o any commercial feeds nor growth promotants.

But of course, what the soil and the denizens there, offer natural growth promotants :)

At the end of a long fruitful day, I surf to my favorite sites....this was my treat for today.

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