Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sunshine Capons

Did it take rigorous brainstormings to decide to claim a niche in the caponed chicken sector?

I'm not sure how and why. I can only guesstimate and conjure like the "Marimar" writer :)

A Tarlac raiser decided to capon the male Sunshines. His harvest for March 2008 had been reserved and next batch will be for May 2008 already.

Great move. They not only unlearned the present norms in raising industrial broilers....they went back to basics with free ranged chickens, and took the step backward to bring back to consumers the long missed capons.

Unlearning, back to basics, backward, back.... Seems like negative thoughts? Not when you really dwell on the reasons.

What are capons?

As of now, they will be calling them Sunshine Capon.


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