Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sunshine Breeders Welcomed Zac Sarian

In my excitement about planning the farm visits to the different Sunshine growers, as Zac Sarian wanted to interview and write about them, I forgot to post about his visit to our breeder farm!

Of course, how can he have the interest on the entrepreneurship side of the growers if he wasn't introduced to the breeders.

We first met Zac at the the opening day of Agrilink 2007. After the ribbon was cut and the public was allowed in, a man approached me and said I should take a look at the photo in that day's Manila Bulletin, the page announcing the start of Agrilink 2007. He handed me a copy of the paper, introduced himself and said he will contact us for an interview.

In last Sunday's Kaunlaran Sa Agrikultura, DWWW 774, and after the regular breakfast to have small talk with the KSA family, we went to where the Sunshine breeders were.

He visited our two batches of breeders and hatchery. The 1st batch is the one producing the Sunshine F1s now and the 2nd batch of breeders that replaces 1st batch. The 3rd batch is already on the planning stage.

It was over lunch of super tasting Sinampalukang Manok, Adobong Manok, Inihaw na Tilapia and Bangus and Ensalada, that it was brought up that he wanted to visit the growers too, not just limited to Luzon but also in Vismin.

On the drive back to Manila, that was when I thought about farm visit number #1.

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