Saturday, March 01, 2008


After the flurry of the 2nd INAHGEN, by 8pm we felt really drained. You can't speak because mouth is too dry, can't walk because legs hurt from all the standing, can't think because you are too sleepy.

Today, was no appointment day. No radio guesting, just rest. Well, rest meant going to the two locations of AANI at FTI and Circle to touch base with the clients there, lunch at Salcedo Weekend Market and having two cups of dirty ice cream. Incidentally, I had two huge glasses of Fruits in Cream Milkshakes last night...excuse for all the agri show work. Am so guilty after all the calories...but still tasted GOOD!

Tuesday, hopefully, we will be able to visit Sunshine Capon of Joey Rigor in Victoria, Tarlac. This early, his capons are gaining interest in the local market. Even the editor of Agriculture Magazine of Manila Bulletin, Zac Sarian, immediately set an interview with him when he heard about a Sunshine grower doing the capons.

By Wednesday, its off to Batangas to check out a project we have been invited to go look into. Training in agriculture. There will be different modules. End goal is to make it profitable for farmers. We had been asked to give the training on raising our Sunshines :) I guess it won't be different from what we are really doing already.

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