Monday, October 08, 2007

Agrilink 2007 - Good Coming Out

We were not prepared for the response we would be getting during Agrilink 2007.

The pictures shown were taken before opening time on Oct4 and some snatches on the last day as I can't let go of the proper theme of the Solraya and SASSO booths, at the same crossroad, under the arc of the French Pavilion :)

Right after opening on Oct4, Zac Sarian, Editor of Manila Bulletin came to us to say he featured us in that day's issue. He wanted to interview for an article. Much as I wanted to get engaged in more talk w/ Mr. Sarian, I just can't with all the people around the booth.

The cocktails that night for the French Pavilion was really a break. Too bad TJ and company had to leave as they were delivering early the next day.

We were so busy entertaining inquiries for all three days.

Friday was the 1st seminar schedule. Jop and I got to the seminar area thinking that the preceding talk was not yet done. Good thing I asked registration what time she exected that we came back. She said people were just waiting for the "Sunshine" seminar to start! There we were lugging our laptop, tarps etc. Jop hanged everything pronto, I called for Louis (SASSO), Doc Rey and TJ as they were the speakers. The room we thought was full, soon became SRO. The organizers had to turn down people from entering :( No time to even take photos of that event.

There were four of us to man Agrilink and we were assisted by three members from Krukukuk Farm. I remember just eating a single cookie for the whole of Friday. Thank you very much to Raiza, Jop and TJ. I can't miss Mary and my PR team of Mitos and Margie.

We enjoyed this whole experience tremendously. Glad to have had SASSO booth right across from the aisle. There was a symbiotic relationship formed and it was as if we were one big booth.

The photos will not show how chaotic and enjoyable the three days were for us....but then, trust my words...they were!

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