Saturday, May 01, 2010

Wisdom From Age

Do you find yourself sometimes not wanting to attend to something then ending being happy? I do and did recently.

When we were invited to do a free seminar for a group of Senior Citizens, I was wary....maybe it is the picture of sad, very old people in my mind...flashes of your civic activities in homes for the aged when you were much younger.

Two weeks ago, Doc Rey scouted the area but didn't enter. He said it looked nice inside, but it was way not accessible and far. So on the day, we got to the gate. The instructions texted to me was "open and close the gate after you"....fairy tale segment of bad times to come? Bad me! I should have seen it as independent minds and movements of the group we were to encounter.

At the end of the driveway, we were greeted by the organizer and the owners of the venue. They knew Zac Sarian, who was with us, and were so happy as they had been inviting him to visit the place but he didn't find the time then. Zac also didn't know where we were going nor who owned everyone was equally surprised.

It was actually good as I didn't have to entertain him as Doc Rey as doing the seminar. The owners toured him and they went through the garden that showed very interesting finds for Zac. I won't preempt as am sure he will write about it in his columns as he was so excited.

I sat myself at the back near the table for the boodle lunch. 30mins prior to lunch, some of the men and ladies stood up to prepare the table. The rolled Banana leaves were unruly when laid. I thought about rolling them the other way...thank God it worked :) I saw how the men brought out their swiss knives and worked on the table and layout of things. Not contented, one even brought out garden shears from his body bag to clip on the some wayward materials. One laid out Banana fruits from the fresh tangkay that was brought as baon. It was laid in twos at intervals. Meant to be shared by all. What struck me the most???? The man who had shears went through all the Banana fruits and clipped the top. The most logical reason for me, was that it was going to be easy for the person to peel the banana. Wasn't that sweet a move?

Although I was at the onset of an Asthma attack and had to rest, I observed and had a different seminar meant for me, all to myself. This group wasn't a helpless lot. It is good that Senior Citizens have a bonding. They know one's needs and wants. They have taken full responsibility for themselves. They have the tools for their activities.

This must be the good that the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts training brought to us. I saw it most evident as they were prepared :) I don't know if the kids these days still have those trainings :(

Don't get me wrong. This was a very intelligent group. Much like you and me when we get to their age now :)

Some posts ago I talked about retirement without knowing I will see why in the next days. My friends and I were also talking about setting our own retirement place. That way we all know one another and will enjoy activities together. We will have the same set of friends and family members are known to one another.

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