Friday, May 21, 2010

Manamoc Rimas, I Will Call It

The moment we went inside the field office of Andres Soriano Foundation in Manamoc, we were offered these fried Rimas.

I love these fried varieties that was introduced to me by Tita and Pol Rubia of AANI. But these ones today were so different. Deep yellow sunset in color, they were very sweet, creamy like Durian and big like Melon slices. We can't have enough of it that we asked for it all the time.

These Rimas fruits are abundant on this island. You see the trees everywhere. The fruits will be mistaken as Jackfruits (Langka) to the uninitiated. So abundant they are, that they are fed to the pigs...and now to the Sunshines :)

We asked for some planting materials and hopefully in our farm they will grow well. Expecting to have some Manamoc Rimas in Santiago City, Isabela in 2 1/2 years :)

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