Friday, May 21, 2010

What Is Relaxation To You?

I am a sea, mountains and privacy loving person. So when I first saw Pamalican Island, where Amanpulo Resort is situated...this is it!

In my generation, there was this canned show from the US, "Fantasy Island"...that was the air as you got welcomed as you alighted from the plane. Several golfcarts and reception line greeted you...ready to brush you far from everyone else instantly. We are the only ones who got introduced to several people...only because we were not there as guests of Amanpulo, but as guests of A. Soriano Foundation for their livelihood program.

We went through a maze of gardens and trails for golfcarts and bikes. Some of the guests that arrived on the same flight, had their golfcarts enter inner trails. You will know that those were their Casitas. From the trail, not visible. You just know it is there.

The clubhouse boasts of a nice swimming pool. But that I can't comprehend. Travel far, pay good money, for a swim in a pool? No sir, not for me. Give me the beach :)

The East side is where Lagoon Club is situated. Not many people come here, but that is why I like it. Very quiet during the day, but the night spot for early dinner. I chose my own little corner...

In my heart, from my spot, this is mine :)

Oh see who claims his own lane... So many of them on land, while the Yellow Orions own the treetops.

Another favorite spot of mine was atop a hill that overlooks the West side of the island. You have the hill all to yourself. The whole works follow you and is set up there. Chef, waiter, supplies...the view, the breeze...I suggest dinner here. You have it all to yourself.

Look to your left and you see the West side beach area. That is where the West Villas and Casitas are located. Can you see them? They can't be seen from the golfcart trails, nor from the beach :)

Beach weddings are normally held here. The resort personnel say that some really go in Tuxedos and their Bridal Gowns. I can relate to that. I remember being in a beach in Hawaii and we witnessed a dressed up wedding on the beach. It was very pretty and romantic!

This spot is the signature photo used by Amanpulo. The image doesn't speak enough for itself. You have to feel it and be there. Actually, we have a souvenir photo taken here...hahahahah but I guess because of our size, we covered the whole idea of the composition. See the island at the back? That is Manamoc. It is now waiting for us to sail over there to do our work :)

Now again, this will relaxation for me, except that we are on a working trip. The accommodations and facilities are clean. Personnel are quietly around. They just approach when needed. You have privacy, the sea, mountains plus plus. You don't see anyone....but when you do see each other in trails, the smiles are there.

You sure are paying for being unknown and not bothered by others. That I will say is the primary reason to go to Amanpulo. No wonder it has become a go-to for celebrities. Their guest list reads "who is who" from around the world.

The downside? The cost. But then, luxury does have a price tag :) As for me....I don't need to pay for that privacy. But yes, Amanpulo is a getaway.

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