Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Umagang Kay Ganda, May 5

Set the alarm at 2am this morning, so I can roast a chicken for the table set up for Umagang kay Ganda guesting today. Chicken done by 3:30, so we met the call time of 4am.

The morning variety news shows are harder to do because set ups are done early. Shoots are done earlier than interview time. Then, more often than not, you stay until "goodbye" time :)

Today was no different. Set up by 5am. Photos were taken for background showing while interviews at about 5:30. Actual interview was at 6:30.

Nope...I am not complaining. Nice to sit around the studio and grounds. There is a different world there. A corner or a garden becomes an instant set up for the "traffic guy"...a meter away, with a tarpaulin background, transforms to the "weather man's" stage. You think we were far away? arm's length, drinking coffee :)

Winnie Cordero has interviewed Sunshine Chicken several times for Agrilink events. This time, she sees us with eating chickens and not live dayold chicks. She instantly noticed the new line of sausages.

After that, we went to World Trade Center for ingress of IFEX Philippines 2010. I like doing the booth early, before everyone gets there. The official contractors are everywhere busy, but they can still attend to you for your needs.

Pays to be settled know.