Saturday, May 01, 2010

Going Back To What You LIke And Have

I learned a lot of things last Wednesday (boy why is it spelled that way). We, together with Zac Sarian and Doc Rey went to Batangas to conduct a seminar that merits another post, and to visit a grower near by.

This grower I remember well because he had attended a seminar thrice, yes 3X. First, maybe then he was scouting what to do. 2nd, by then he knew he wanted to grow Sunshines and he brought a partner with him to attend. 3rd, he just got his first batch and maybe wasn't confident about it or he just needed to be reassured that he was doing right.

On the way to the farm, Doc Rey was always mentioning that this was the one who wanted to do some work with drug rehab guys as he just got out of rehab. I wasn't paying attention as this man was middle aged already...but then, Doc Rey did visit him already some two weeks back...

Because I know his loading schedules, I was expecting to see a free ranging batch and a brooding batch. Gone are the supposed to be ranging batch as it got bought in one flash. In Doc Rey's last visit, he mentioned the availability of RTR in this farm to another vet friend. Good the referral got through.

I told you, there is a market for the "ready to range" RTR as we call it.

The grower started he loved farming even as a kid...but he got wayward...etc etc. He spent 8 yrs in rehab, he is now 54...not yet graduated from rehab fully. So it means he was in rehab since he was about 46, but was dependent for like almost 30yrs. So Doc Rey was right!

People who know me know how blatantly open I talk (others will say tactless), so I said good he wasn't affected! He talks intelligently, he doesn't move in slow motions. He is very well mannered. I wouldn't have guessed.

Getting side tracked! My real point here is that when he wanted to recreate his life, he went back to what he knew he wanted to do but never did...farming :) He had good friends and family who propped him up. Working as scaffoldings, but not as crutches for him..w/c is really good, I think.

He saw this idle farm of his friend and the friend offered him to spend time here and work together. Step one, he was going to farm. In the process he was enjoying, working and being productive. Things he hadn't done for a long time. Now, he even wants to give projects to similar drug dependents still in rehab. He is so happy with a clean life that he wants to do everything all at the same time.

Hold it :) Focus....

He was looking the other way :)

Then Zac Sarian showed him the mature Kalamansi Trees. It just needed some caring and fertilizing. It was already mature and should be very productive with a little work done on it. Much like our farmer here, don't you think? :)

These Kalamansi Trees will give income to the farm.

Our farmer stopped and listened. Saw the light.

Then he talked about expansion. Very excited because he is seeing the prospects in the first small ventures.

Next to the Kalamansi Trees...ready for use :)

When you don't know where to start or what to do for the first steps. Go back to yourself and enter your heart...then look out around you.

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