Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It Goes Up

The temperature may be very high these days, but we have observed that early mornings in our farm tends to be breezy and cool. Today was no different, so Doc Rey instructed to have several of these drums set inside the brooders. The chicks will have a choice, when they feel warm they go away. But when chilly, they have warmth to run to. The brooders are well ventilated, so there will be no problem of having it too warm.

I have written about this drum in several past postings. You put holes around the drum. Set it atop a base like hollow the chicks won't burn if they get pushed towards the drum. When elevated, the chicks may walk around and under :)

Am not sure what was used today, but normally they burn coco shells, wood, rice goes up.

Some are wary about using alternative heaters such as charcoal or burning other materials, as they think the smoke will suffocate the chicks.

See how the smoke goes up? Have you ever seen smoke that bends and goes down? Unless they are seeking ways to escape :) I know.... you have images of burning rooms in movies, where you see smoke crawling under closed doors. Then, eventually once they are out, they go up again.

After the material used had have charcoal or carbonized rice hull that is perfect for use as bedding material or for your organic vegetable plots.

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