Saturday, May 01, 2010

No Preservatives, No Chemicals - Free Ranged Sunshine Chicken Sausages

We had been testing several groups' taste really varies! Much like a Villar, Gibo, Erap and Noynoy stuff.

What I and my friends wanted, was what the APDC group didn't like. Taste has really something to do with food you grew up with. The common Filipino taste buds don't like herbs blah blah....we met all. We came up with four (4) variants: garlicky (patterned after the Vigan Longanisa), sweetish (skinless), spicey and the herbed.

Now we have produced and will introduce it during IFEX Philippines 2010.

For the past two weeks we had been asking our customers to taste test and some of our dealers/wholesalers. When they found out that our freezers had it already, they started ordering! We hope to leave some for the IFEX in May 6-8.

These sausages are at PHP500/kg and will be included in our home delivery route. You may order it in assorted variants :)

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