Monday, May 10, 2010

IFEX Philippines 2010

Right after we set up on opening day, good that I decided to take a picture, as there will be hardly time after as we got busy. Talk talk talk....time to rest a little, then a flurry of activities again. Thank you to CITEM's Doris, Luz and Pia for promoting IFEX 2010 well.

Co-branding, co-ordinating, co-marketing....Alaminos Goat Farm and I met in IFEX 2008, since then we had been helping and supporting each other. Great decision to show side by side. Without borders :) We have the same market profile and it suited us well to be associated.

I won't push a product that I don't believe in. Doc Rey and I consume 20lts of milk a week. Alaminos Goat Farm supplies us with 10lts while I get my other 10lts of milk from Philippine Carabao Center. The best milks I can say. The Carabao milk gives me the cream I live for, the Goats give me the best milk, closest to mothers' :)

Best opportunity to bring out our Sunshine Sausages for intro to the general public. Did pretty well. People who had bought from us had already reordered them, just a few days after. I can't say what sold best. All sold equally well. Salve of APDC, the developers of Sunshine Sausages was there the last day. She saw how the response to the product was, and will be scheduling processing dates again.

Totie and company of Alaminos Goat Farm assisted us from ingress to egress.

Rocky helped during Summer schedule breaks...must be the two good looking men that attracted and brought in the sales? It may have helped, but it is really the healthy goat and chicken products that pulled them in :)

Full support is important from suppliers to media partners and co brands. BTW, Louis Perrault of SASSO was behind us too.

I tell not yet done posting this and we got a lot of calls from institution accounts already for Sunshine Sausages. I love IFEX :)

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