Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cooling Effect

What do you do to cool yourself these days? I have my wet tissues inside the chiller section of my ref. There are several packs that are chilled and I take one (1) with me when I leave in the morning and return at the end of the day. Bottles of body sprays are in the ref too. During long trips, I have them inside a cooler where we keep our drinks too inside the van.

How about my chickens? How do they cool themselves? Sure there are shade trees around, but they want to wander.

Some of our ponds have dried up because of this El Nino we have. The Sunshines have thought that their ranging areas have been widened for them. They now leisurely take a walk down there. It should have a very cooling effect....the wet grounds, the large leaves of the Water Lilies that act as umbrellas in our story books.

I decided to see what they were up to...walking down to go up close and personal.....Wasn't sure to what they were up to down there...

They had been munching on the Water Lilies! No, no, those are not Parsley leaves that seem to border the pond...they are chewed Water Lilies.

Searched on what they may be enjoying and typed Water Lilies on my search button. Water Lilies are edible and medicinal :) Besides, Sunshines know what is good or bad. They were taught well as chicks hahahhahahaha.

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