Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Chickens Have Wings

Wings are part of a chicken and they are not easy to throw away :)

In our new line of No Chemicals, No Preservatives Sunshine Sausages, we had to debone the chickens. We had this mound of chicken wings that wasn't even attempted to be deboned anymore as it will take a lot of time and effort.

It was originally packed to go to the freezer for giving away etc...then the person who was doing the product development thought of marinated Chicken Wings!

That story got to the interview last Saturday during Radyo Negosyo. They asked about our roasted chicken that was brought for stylized food presentation and the talk went to the tray of sausages. Next to it, lay the wings. I actually had it there because it was a filler as the tray was kindda big. I was open about the story of the wings, how it was brought about and the original throw away state it was in...but then, people who are used to developing and creating, finds ways to use things.

Now, the wings might bring us to higher plains :)

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