Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Pigs

We had to walk about 15mins from the beach to the field office of Andres Soriano Foundation in Manamoc island in Palawan.

First there were dried Seaweeds on the beach. Then I was greeted by a lot of happy pigs! No pens - on a long noose so they can walk around and exercise, on natural beddings (as the whole place is really sand), given fruits and vegetables for food.

I think most of the pigs were smiling as we were walking by....hmmmmmm, they might be saying that they saw a fat visitor :)

Our guides were telling us that some things are common in each household: Pigs, Rimas tree and a member who is employed at Amanpulo Resort.

Where do the happy pigs go? Mostly to Amanpulo tables and to the nearby islands.

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