Sunday, May 16, 2010

Healthy Cravings

For people who have a sweet tooth like me, I have to find my fix and find answers to my cravings. Yes, most often they are very unhealthy with all the sugar, cream and gooey delicious stuff!

We have become such milk drinkers. 10lts of Goat and 10lts of Carabao's, a week, between two adults. Sure, Goat's is healthy...but I get my fix from Carabao's milk. So creamy and yummy without preservatives. Besides, milk is a complete food. I don't get hungry...but then, I still love to eat :)

Today, all alone in Manila...I wake up with cravings. Shouldn't be the case as I had three (3), yup three huge slices of Mango Bravo last night as midnight snack! Stood up to get some Goat's milk and opened a pack of Almond Crunch. I get those packs of nuts and keep it my pantry.

Nuts and milk...healthy cravings are not impossible :)

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