Sunday, May 16, 2010

No No

Don't wait for this to happen before making a range rotation. It is so depleted and barely any sign of life.

We suggest not to have goats and chickens in the same range as both of them eat grass to bald the land. Sure goats and chickens may co-exist in the same farm, but have a several ranging area.

Caretakers err and we also miss on somethings because of a lot of work and matters in our minds. Like this ranging area...mistake. Common mistake...which makes it worse because it is so easy to to have avoided it.

Range rotation! Think of what is bad for you, it will be bad also for the land. If you get depleted and dry, it will take more than just vitamins to get you up and about. Rest, rest rest and in terms of time, you will have to wait and ride the down time.

It happened to us also. It occurs when you trust too much, thinking that your instructions are listened too.

The above wasn't caused by mixing goats and chickens. It was a case of not moving a batch of layers on time.

Plan ranges. Make it easy to rotate. Set up posts and just move nets.

Took time to dry up that area. It will take time to revive it. Rake and water. Rake and water...rake and fertilize. Soon after you will see bursts of new life. Notice that when you kinds of flora comes out. They had been burried, waiting to be unearthed :)

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