Sunday, May 16, 2010

Avoiding My Eyes

Above is one of our holding areas. That is what we call the areas where we send our "to harvest". Why do we move them? Easier to transport to dressing. No more selection here, they had been chosen already.

When I was at the farm the other day, they decided to miss making eye contact with me. Maybe they think that I have the final say on who goes at that phase......they all go, per holding area.

On a normal basis, they go by the net and look at the other must apply to all..this "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence" thing :)

My point here might be is convenient to have a "holding area". Preselect the ready to harvest. Move them to an area that has food, so they are ok while they wait for their time. Keep it near the access road for easier transport.

If your harvest keeps up with your sales, then perfect. If not, I suggest invest in freezers. Dress all, instead of feeding them. There is a curve in growth. Once reached, what they eat won't convert to gained weight. Even if they gain...assess the weight requirements of your market. Harvest when you reach that weight.

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