Friday, May 21, 2010

Amanpulo & Manamoc

One of the most well known and highly rated restaurants in Tagaytay, get their dressed Sunshine Chickens from us, to augment the kitchen needs when they run out. Actually, they get day old chicks from us to grow in their own farm.

About 3 weeks ago, I get a call from our Tagaytay restaurant client, that we got referred to the Aman group, whose one property here was the Amanpulo Resort in Palawan. Soon after, we get a call from the A. Soriano Foundation people who looks after the community islands around their Amanpulo, giving them livelihood etc.

After getting some dressed Sunshines and eggs for the Amanpulo kitchen to try....can we do a seminar in their Manamoc office? They will fly us to Amanpulo..... Wow, who hasn't heard or read about Amanpulo!

Took some days for me to say "yes". Doc Rey and I are so afraid of heights and taking a 17seater plane will be like riding a rollercoaster on air to us! I was trying to convince Doc Rey to do go with an agri friend, but he wanted me as companion. Searched the internet about flying to Amanpulo. Hmmmmmm read very good reviews. So ok...after a couple of days, we agreed.

Glad we did! From the time we got to the A. Soriano Hangar, we were met by the Andres Soriano Foundation staff at the entrance, lunched and flew.

Basing from the flight map, this is our first view of Manamoc.

Approaching the runway of Amanpulo Resort....

Even before landing, you see a line of golfcarts and Amanpulo staff waiting for you. As we alighted, HR Manager and F&B Manager greeted us and welcomed us warmly.

After a light meal, freshened up and now we are all set to crossover to Manamoc. See the island behind us? 30 mins away, that is where we went for the seminar.

The brooder and housing was almost done when we saw it the next day. After the seminar, it was time to go and visit the first location of the project for comments.

Originally I had no intention of going to the farm, 2kms away. But I heard that the generator was going to be turned off, then there were motorcycles for game! I haven't taken a motorcycle ride for ages...and these are the smaller bikes and we were on the rough road climbing a mountain. It was so much fun being a back passenger...the wind, the view, the company :)

I was really glad to have made this trip. Enjoyed Manamoc so much...its community, the people, the A. Soriano Foundation people. Even while still there, Doc Rey and I were talking about what we can give to them. The chosen communities of the ASF are the better ones we have seen so far of the many ones that we have encountered that are receiving livelihood programs.

My Amanpulo experience will be a topic of a separate posting.

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