Saturday, May 15, 2010


When we first brought the idea of this property to our agri friends, Zac Sarian instantly told us to build a canal all around. That will make the former ricefield dry and we get to use the elevated area as planting area and we get to have a default fishpond all around the property.

I took this photo on day1 of the back hoe in the property. Pretty fast work. Today is his second day and he is almost done making the canal/fishpond. Didn't appreciate the idea at first, but now that I can see it, very simple and good. We get to have chickens, vegetables and fishes for our consumption.

Tomorrow, we start on our farm road, that will be some sort of roundabout in the area where we will have a reception or rest area.

We let this new ranging area rest for quite sometime. When they started fencing and some movements happened to the soil, new plants instantly came out. Rest to give time for new! In five (5) yrs, we should have a mini forest here.

Planned on the planting materials and will be ready to replant soon. Poultry houses will be up after that. It was nice to have the opportunity to plan after experiences. If you have tendencies for flooding, then instead of relying on pumps to throw water, we worked on canals, dams and valves to release water.

We are like an island after this! Water all around that is actually a dam/canal, now to hold our swimming food. Can't wait to see my winding road also!

That will have to wait, while we go to Amanpulo on Tuesday....join us in Amanpulo in Palawan :) We are actually doing a seminar there for a group and our host decided to fly us there. Even if it was open for others.......its not easy to fly there unless a guest.

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