Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You Will Meet Sunny Soon

Last night we had a soft opening of the rotisserie chicken outlet in Santiago City, Isabela.

No signs yet, as we just thought about opening two nights ago. Yes, read right. Two (2) nights ago, we decided to open the box of rotisserie oven, had electricals installed pronto and just did a salt and pepper rub on some of our chickens. Tasted we decided to roast some more last night.

Yesterday, we ran live ads on the radio. By the time we were cooking, we got inquiries already from drive bys! The few we roasted gone :)

Today, we finalized our radio ads and had it voiced over. Gave a GO on the outdoor signages.

Deliberated last night on initial taglines to be used for the radio and outdoor ads....came up for our intial outings:

1) Meet Sunny :)

2) gala sa damuhan

3) walang anibiotiko

4) pinasarap ng panahon

Come to think of it. We really had Sunny all the time. We called our small truck wrapped chickvan as Sunny, if you remember our previous posts wayback 2007! We've always said our Sunshines do range on living grass (gala sa damuhan), no antibiotics, and had been using the tag "pinasarap ng panahon" in our long standing brochure.

We have just recycled ideas? Nope. We are just doing our step by step outings in always give you something new and better.

This morning, we had our fill of high spirits from the wonderful comments we got on Sunny. From people who knew and loved their food.

Doc Rey just showed me what he had been working on since lunch time. A more cheery area :) Last night we had no signage at all, we were close to invisible and lighting was bad. What sold us were our uniformed personel outside and the radio live ads.

I will let you meet Sunny when they put up the signs. It will be up before the week ends. Things is, I don't think I might be around to take photos.

Oh...the place is nothing fancy. It was all do-with and diskarte.

Simply....Its just down to earth real good tasting chicken.


  1. @ josephine, alam mo naman ang mind ko is very micro. We started this the other night to just try the oven I bought a long time ago. Actually, I still have pending orders with deposit already for other units..I hope not yet forfeited :)

    But, as I was starting to type my reply to you....WHY NOT? In the areas where we have regular will be a good idea.

    Anyway, let me work on my branding "Sunny" ang manok sa damuhan.

  2. Magkano naman po yung manok na pinasarap ng panahon sa Isabela?

  3. @ trebor, Will you be in the area of Isabela? Treat na lang kita :)

    Actually, I am not a pencil pushing person. I move as it makes me happy and excited...then I compute weheehhe

    At this time, we are priced very low. Because I want the people to see the benefits and taste of my Sunny.