Saturday, June 20, 2009


Am not talking about a variety of Tamarind.

When I saw this Sampalok tree in the farm, the idea of stuffing the chicken with flowers and young Tamarind leaves dawned on me.

I know, I know...the norm is using Tanglad or lemongrass. Cheaper and easier...but the Ilokano market where we are testing the dry run of Sunny isn't really keen on the damo smell nor taste.

What's the variety in the story? Well, there won't be a fixed marinade nor recipe for now for Sunny. We will offer variety in taste. Just like home cooking, you can't really predict what you will have for depends on the mood of the cook.

Think its a good business idea?

I was with my supplier for the additional rotisseries and deliberated with gas fed or electric. Basket type or my original spit type. Decided on the spit type, after searching and reading about rotisserie cooking.

The point why it is supposed to be better? Because it keeps on turning and the chicken is basted by its own juices.

If it is meat you let sit on an oven...or one that you put on a grill, even when covered...its just roasting. So if I have it on a supposed to be rotisserie oven, but it goes on a merry go round basket, it is just roasting.

I like it hard to spell...rotisserie!


  1. both tanglad and sampaloc are good stuffing and flavoring for roasted chickens but i like sampaloc better for the free range di naman malansa kaya ok ang sampaloc. firewood and mas maigi kaysa gas o electric pero kung walang option gas n lang madling gawan ng paraan para mag lagay nang smoke flavor or any other.

  2. @ paulette's kitchen garden, Yes I like Sampalok too :) True, mas masarap ang low fire, slow sa palayok iluto

    Do you have a resto?

  3. Trying to setup one here at my place semi private parang mini sonya's garden. matagal pa ako makakabukas set up ko pa garden to accomodate a resto mahal din kaya unti unti lang

  4. @ paulette's kitchen garden, nice to be able to plan and work on dreams. Hwag mo isipin na matagal pa yun. Remember you are planting and it can't be rushed :)