Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freshest Best

It is said that is best to have fruits, first thing in the morning. What is better than having the freshest of them, first hour of the day :)

Last night I heard Doc Rey talking with the caretaker, about something that was smelling.....Didn't really bother listening as it may be a rat :(

This morning, as I was nearing the workhouse, I was greeted by an enticing smell.....freshly harvested Latexless Lanka!

I have a lot, that I will slice some and let it sit inside a bottle of vodka or GSM Blue. Read somewhere that the alcohol will enhance the benefits of the fruits, while giving you a delicately flavored vodka :)

Packed a lot in the ref, as I will take some to Manila for mommy.

While at it, Doc Rey brought me a big bowl of Aratiles. I love these. Even as a kid, Aratiles makes my day and makes me look forward to provincial trips.
Aside from tall grasses, Aratiles trees make perfect companion shades. They grow well, multiply fast and the fruits make good eating for your Sunshines....wehehheeh but in our farm, it's Sandy's food.

Checking a new ranging area, see what lies hidden among the leaves. It was enough to quench our thirst after the hike :)

That is called Macopa.

It wasn't too long ago that I was buying seedlings and hauling them to Isabela for transplanting. Forgot all about it and just wished them well. Now, they are serving us healthy breakfast.

The caretaker's wife has her vegetable garden. So between the two of us, we are harvesting our meals.

Easy to eat, even without washing....why? Because no chemicals are used here.

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