Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Thank You Ho

In an e-group I frequent, I replied to a topic on Bamboo. Soon after, I got an email from James and gave me the idea of making my bamboo into a walking stick. Yes, it will look suave, quaint, naturally practical :)

I played with that idea as I do a lot of walking in farms, my uniform is color green....and the look is very me!

Lately, I had a compelling need for a long hooked thing. There is a noose to the rolldoor of the truckbed. The bed is high for me to reach in for that noose. I need something to hook it closer to me.

Well, I needed a walking stick too...and won't settle for an ordinary looking one...

Buddah Bamboo, Bambusa Ventricosa

I can't wait for Doc Rey to smoothen it for me!

Thank you HO! I think I'm getting hooked and will want to get hold of other varieties.

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