Monday, June 08, 2009

Colored Range Broilers

Those are perfect descriptions to what Sunshines are.

1) The Sunshine Chickens are colored Brown Red, Black, Grey and we also have the Egyptian looking Brown striped chicks. The Naked Neck is a strain we have, predominantly for growers who have seen the stability and hardiness.

2) They are meant to be free ranged on open areas, thus termed "Range".

3) Broilers yes. They are raised for primarily for meat purposes.

In short, broilers are meant to be eaten. We are used to seeing white industrial chickens, but there are colored ones. The colored range broilers are raised the way chickens are really meant to be. Free ranging on open fields, fresh air, foraging and a lot of sunshine!

Aesthetically, lovely to look at....running on the range as they fill up your eyes with our different colors.

Taste buds wise....let your tongue do the talking. Am sure that as you eat, you will let your fingers do the talking...doing the THUMBS UP!


  1. hello I live near Rosales. DCS Trading is where I get my Sunshine chicks. How about the whitish sunshine chicken when you supply DCS? jerimhaya

  2. @ Jerry, we haven't been able to send DCS any Sunshine Chicks for many months now.

  3. @ Jerry, if you are asking when we will supply DCS with our white with red and blue? It will be out in April :)